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Innovative Disability Advocates


Leading Provider of Counsel for Social Security Disability Benefits

McDowell, Stromatt & Associates (MSA) is one of only a few firms in the area that have been approved by the SSA to offer Social Security Disability and SSI hearings by video in an onsite video room.

Instead of traveling to a courtroom, that may be 2+ hours roundtrip, paying for parking, and sitting in a uncomfortable lobby, you can attend a prearranged hearing in front of the judge via video conference right in our office! Hundreds of clients have had their Social Security Disability Hearings in our Video Conferencing Room.

Leading Disability Advocates:


Let McDowell, Stromatt & Associates (MSA) work with your claim for social security disability and SSI benefits. We have been in business for 25+ years helping people just like you with their social security needs. We have the the experience and skillsets to put you in the best position on your disability claim.

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Bob McDowell, CEO of MSA, has been recongized by the National Association of Disabilty Representiatives with the Al Gonzales Distinguished Service Award. 


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