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Tired of Dealing with the Government?

Let McDowell, Stromatt & Associates cut through the government's red tape when filing for social security disability. Imagine completing 30+ pages of long and confusing applications, forms and reports, while at the same time experiencing terrible pain and financial burdens. It is not a pretty picture. However, we will guide you through the process and do all the heavy lifting.

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Tired of Making Phone Calls with No Response?

When you call McDowell, Stromatt & Associates during normal working hours, you will be able to reach an advocate that can help you with your case. Even if you call during non-working hours, leave and voicemail and your call will be returned before the end of the next business day. We will not give you a different answer each time you call that conflicts with the previous answer.

Tired of Dealing with Out-of-State Representatives that Treat You Like a Number?

We all understand the convenience when dealing with a service industry that is local. No one wants to deal with a "specialist" that lives 3 hours away. We all want to work with the people in our community that better understand our problems. McDowell, Stromatt & Associates is a family owned and operated company. We do not believe that you are only a number. You have a unique and special case that will invoke our full attention. Additionally, we have four offices in the state of Kentucky so we are local to you.

Do You Like to Win?

McDowell Stromatt & Associates has been in business for 20+ years. We specialize in winning disability cases. We do not practice multiple types of law; we advocate for Social Security Disability. It is our goal to win you the benefits that you deserve. We never get paid unless you win. Think about that statement. You do not need up front legal fees to win your case. McDowell, Stromatt & Associates does not make any money unless we win your case. Therefore, it only makes sense that we do everything legally and morally possible to win your case.

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